Sunday, May 9, 2010

18th Birthday


Part 1 - Family
Family first... literally.

Me, mum, sis, Jarett and Jayden went for some program in KL Tower today. It was organized by Biolife and it was mostly about health talk. So it was no surprise that I was the youngest person that joined the program (not including Jayden).

Went up the the KL tower before some talks started. Blah blah blah... sounded kinda like Biology related stuff.

Went for a walk at a jungle like path beside the KL tower later. We didn't manage to complete the whole route because it was delayed (by the exercises and talks and the question that were asked). Maybe it was a good thing too cause the weather was burning.

Lunch followed by lucky draws. Apparently the birthday person will always have some lucky. I won a electronic toothbrush (which I didn't want or need, so I gave it to my sis).

We later went to have the around the KL Tower's deck board to have a view of KL. Not too bad I guess.


Part 2 - A friend
Time Square again. It was crowded. The bowling alleys were also crowded when we got there so we walk around first hoping the crowd will lessen later.

The crowd did lessen... maybe by 1 or 2 people I guess. Still we got our socks and short nails already(I didn't want any nails to crack or break by playing bowling ><) so we went for a game.

Either the bowling alley was too crowded or the lane that we got was glitchy. Our first few shots and the last few shots weren't recorded into the screen. And the workers there were invisible in the crowd. Oh well, at least we got a few extra rounds because of it (the pins keep refilling XD).

There was some other "technical error" too. Mum didn't hear that I sms her so she arrived later that we wanted her to pick us up. Lol. Sorry for the delay. Was slightly late for the next part of the day too.


Part 3 - More friends
A total of 13 of us had dinner as a celebration at Steak Garden. It was good since I didn't want too many people. But the place was crowed though. I think it had something to do with the fact that the day after today is Mother's Day. Fortunately we had probably the only space left which was at the corner. Ate, chatted, talked crap, took photos, before they (my friends) brought out a cake for me. Lit the candles, sang the song, cut the cake. Then came the ugly part. The guys wanted my face to eat the cake, or in other words, hitting some cake on my face. I tried to run away but there really isn't any chance when it more than 5 guys vs me alone. Fortunately not all of them wanted to do it, thus only 3 pieces of cake were smacked onto my face. Kinda pain coming from the right side.

Had lots of fun there. I think we were quite noisy too. Haha.

After dinner, some of the guys and I went to a mamak to chat and hang out. But we went back before 12 midnight as we were quite tired.


Although it was a bittersweet birthday, it was one of the best birthday in my memory.

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