Monday, June 14, 2010

Look Out Point


There was a birthday celebration for 4 girls at Look Out Point since their birthdays are around this day (and even 1 of their birthday on this day).

The place was quite uphill and the road to the place was widing to go up.

Some of us reached there early so we went up to the restarant first. Its kinda like a treetop house. We checked the prices at the menu and even ordering a glass of sky juice could burn a hole in our wallets. >< But the restautant had a great view since it was at a high spot.

Unfortunately (well maybe it could be fortunately) for us, we went to the wrong restaurant. The others called us to tell the correct restaurant. Lol. Lucky we didn't order anything yet; we were just hanging around. XD

The 1st thing to check on the correct restaurant's menu was the plain water. Haha. Lucky this 1 was cheaper XD. If not sure become beggar after dinner.

The food there was ok, but the view there was the main attraction. The pictures can't really capture its full beauty though.

At some point, the lights would turn off, disco ball light turn on while the birthday song plays before a waiter brings the cake for a customer having his birthday. This happened about 5 times but we didn't have that played for us. Weird cause we have 4 people celebrating their birthdays. Well its probably necessary to buy their cake or something for that special(and after being played 5 times, annoying) happening.

It was quite dangerous to drive back in the night though since there is no street lights at all. Besides the car headlights, only the small square mini light at the center of the roads lit the road up at some points.

This wouldn't be my choice of celebration unless for a very special occasion.

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