Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Stupid timetable

Went back to college this morning to register the subjects for the third semester. Aside from the compulsory subject Statistics and Lan subject Moral studies, I still have to take two more elective subjects. I have decided on Business Principles but the last subject was still uncertain. But I have finally chosen C Programming.

Reached there early and fortunately there were many available computers to use. Since we reached early, we waited for the time for registration to start.

Guess what. After thinking and finally deciding on taking C Programming, it wasn't available to be taken. The stupid guy that I asked wasn't even helpful when asked why it isn't available. So what to do. Considered my other backup options: Legal Studies (which was eventually ruled out after hearing that there was a 30 minutes presentation to be done), Internet Principles, Tourism and Hospitality, and Psychology. Unfortunately, I couldn't sign up for the latter two because they clash with my other classes that I already signed up. What the heck man. Really dulan already. So sucks la. Finally, have to cancel my Moral Studies class so that I can choose Internet Principles as my last elective. Have to take Moral Studies during my degree program only. Haiz.

Although I will be taking only three subjects, I still need to go to college everyday!! OMG. I can't believe that!!. Take three subjects only but still need go everyday. Stupid timetable. I have only one or two classes each day. Waste time, energy and petrol to go to college everyday.

What else can be done?

Every decision comes with a consequence. I wonder what are the consequences now.

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