Saturday, April 24, 2010

College life

In a few blinks of an eye, it has been 2 weeks of college life (technically its 5 weeks, but the first 3 weeks wasn't really studying, so whatever).

Finite Maths is probably the class which have the least pressure (for me at least). Most of the topics were learned in secondary school so it wasn't too bad. The lecturer is good too as he never scolds students for answering wrong. His classes aren't so serious either.

Intermediate English is alright too, although the lecturer sometimes intimidates us. At least he has a good sense of humour too.

Computing Principle is a pain. It strangely reminds me of learning Biology - memorizing those weird and peculiar names and their functions and so on. Haiz... this is going to be hard for me.

Study Skills in my opinion is not very useful. And with a few other bad factors, this is 1 of the worse class to go into. Fortunately, it's only a once a week class. Phew...

So far, everything is alright. Except the assignments, presentations and group project that need to be done. Arrggghhh! I hate them. These add to the pressures on to my shoulders.

In a nutshell (the English lecturer says that many students use the words "in a nutshell" to write their essays. Looks like I have to change my conclusion style), college is quite tiring and stressful (especially when I keep thinking about the assignments... OMG). I know that it can be quite exciting and can get to meet more people and join more activities and what-not...

Too bad those doesn't increase my fun meter much...

At least I got my classmates-turned-exclassmates-turned-classmates.

Thank God there's a badly needed 1 week study break this week.

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