Friday, April 30, 2010

Iron Man 2

Having a student card finally has its advantages. Besides having a cheaper rate at bowling, my movie ticket had also a student price.

The 2 hour long movie definitely lived up to expectations. The main actor(Robert Downey Jr.) played his character really well. I think nobody could have played Tony Stark better. This alone was a key factor in making this movie(and the 1st movie) a great one.

Then, there's the future and high tech stuffs that makes you go "wow" or "walau" or "fuyoh". After all, who wouldn't like cool and advance technology?

The main villain character was played very well too. Equip with his evil laugh, his portrait of the villain was very well done.
And finally, there's Iron Man. Probably the coolest armor ever. There is even more to that but I would spoil the story if I said more.
The story wasn't the best but it was still nice. Quite a number of funny moments were in the movie too.

I can't decide whether Iron Man 1 or 2 is better. I guess both rocks equally.

Not impress yet? Go watch it yourself to understand why it is so good. XD

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