Thursday, August 26, 2010


Jayden and Jarett got baptised on Sunday. I really wonder if Jarett's heart was truly committed into doing it. Hmmm... hope his life will be touch by God. Hope Jayden will grow up to be a good boy (I sound weird saying this >.<) in his now Christian family.


Too bad holidays never last forever...

Rediscovered one of my childhood addiction :P and searching for music took most of my holiday time XD


Second semester is about to begin... and I haven't even decided on what two elective subjects to take. I only know that I'll be taking Accounting. Haven't decided on my other subject and my two elective subjects in the third semester. Arrgggghhhhhhh so confused... it isn't easy to decide when you don't have a decided ambition... a passion for something like being a teacher or taking care of kids... a talent like designing... a determination to be have a specific work like a doctor...

Hope I pass all of my first semester's subjects!!

Hope I will choose the right path of career...

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