Monday, August 9, 2010

Overview of first semester

Intermediate English

The demonstrative speech presentation was a nightmare. My topic was "how to solve a Rubik's Cube". As expected, everyone except one or two that knew how to solve it looked quite blur. Fortunately I managed to finish it within the time limit. That was my only good point. Public speaking is so not my thing. I only got 6.2/10 :(

Quiz 2 was almost as bad too. The body of the essay needed to be written in passive form. It's so difficult to think of points and elaborations in passive form. Lost quite alot of marks because of this. Only manage 6/10 marks.

The final exam of Intermediate English was not as hard as the first exam. Because of this, I manage to finish the exam with some time to spare. I hope I can get a good mark for this exam. But overall for this subject, I don't think I will get good grades because of my poor presentation and quiz 2. Zzzz.


Study Skills

Fortunately, there aren't any presentation for this subject. Phew. The other subjects' presentation were already a handful. X.X

The group assignment done by me, Sher, Kyan and Huey were actually quite good. 12 point something out of 15 marks. Inside were also a few praises (like "good point", "good analysis") from the lecturer. Lol feel so happy about this outcome XD. Actually I think we deserved to get these marks. We stayed back to work on this together and finish it quite early too. Haha.

Wonder what marks I will get for the final exam. The essay part had a really stupid (well stupid and useless in my opinion) question. Really... I doubt many people will apply that in their life. Applying that will actually complicate things instead of helping to ease it.


Computing Principles

Yup CP... my (and most people's) worst and most hated subject out of the four. Studying for the final exam brings back memories of studying for Sejarah again. T.T

I was actually quite surprise for my group's powerpoint assignment-cum-presentation marks. 9 point something out of 10!! Wow!! And I only had like half a day to get the design, fonts and animations done (cause of the delay from my other 2 group members T.T). I truly wonder whether we deserve such high marks. No complaints though XD.

As expected, the final exam was hard, especially the subjective part. I hope some of my commonsense answers will earn me some marks XD.


Finite Mathematics

This was without a doubt the lesson that gave me the least pressure. I really like this lecturer. I'm going to miss his classes :(.

For my group's assignment-cum-presentation, I made a big mistake. I lead them to do the wrong working of the assignment :(. While other groups with the same question found the same answer as our original, I thought it was incomplete and thus, I did an extra working. I was actually quite determine that it could be correct. Oh well... it turns out to be wrong. We only got 11 out of 15 marks. I'm so sorry for my mistake :(

My target was High Distinction for this subject. But in order to met that target, I need to get about 38/40 for my finals. Too bad there's a stupid question that I didn't know how to do. Arrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Spent about 1 hour on it(I finished the rest of the questions) and still came up blank. Haizzzzzz there goes the HD...


The passing mark for each subject is 16/40 percent for the final exam. Hope I don't fail any subject... I don't want to waste time, money and effort to retake the subject. >.<

I can only hope now...

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