Monday, October 11, 2010

BBQ poolside birthday party


It was Jennifer's birthday and she held a BBQ party beside the swimming pool at her apartment.

Since there were replacement classes on that day (suckssss), kyan fetched sher, huey and I to Leisure Mall after the 5pm classes ended. From there, the birthday girl's dad fetched me and sher to her house. Thanks for the 2 transportation.

The other early ones that reached at her house, including me, helped to set up the tables and food first. I fail in cooking... and that includes BBQing XD.

Being at the poolside, it sure was tempting for some guys to push people down the pool. Lucky nobody aim me. I didn't want to go into the water (especially while wearing jeans).

The were actually quite alot of people that were at the party. I thought there wouldn't be so many. However, I didn't know many of them, as they were from the birthday girl's school.

After eating and swimming and getting push into the pool (for some people) we went back up the the house where the cake was cut and eaten. Secret recipe's cake was certainly delicious. I'm thinking the price was "delicious" as well. Lol.

Went home at around 11 something. Thanks to bao li for the ride home XD.

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