Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mid-term exam of 2nd semester

Throughout last week (last Saturday until yesterday), mid-term exams were being held.

Critical Thinking Skills was the first exam on Saturday. The subjective part was quite hard. There was a section that required us to identify the type of fallacy of a situation given. This was difficult as no choices were given and I already forgotten half of the types of fallacies.

Advance English started 90 minutes after CTS. Besides the question being tough, there was also a problem of insufficient time. We had only 2 hours to read 2 passages and answer objective and subjective questions, correct errors in a passage, fill in blanks in a passage, write a 50 words summary, do some questions about conditionals, and write a 450 words essay. Yea... so I pretty much didn't have enough time. My essay's conclusion had only 2 sentences.

Accounting exam was on Wednesday. I didn't like it as I have to memorize the format of recording. It is so not maths related. Fortunately the exam was not as hard as I expected. But I still fear of getting low marks as making a single mistake could end up ruining the rest of the answers of the question.

My last exam was Economics Principles on Friday. The subjective questions were really tough (and one of a kind o.O) but hopefully I will not get too low marks.

No need to worry... I hope...

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