Friday, November 5, 2010

Research paper/Term paper

Yesterday was the due date for my research paper or aka term paper. It's basically a 2000 word essay where it has to be based on other people's idea and opinion instead of my own. So that's why it's called a research paper since I have to search and write based on them. Because of this, there are so many in-text citation to do. It's really hard to paraphrase too; I really hope I don't plagiarize. References is another hard part to do and I think I did many wrong.

This stupid paper made me (and many other students) suffer so much. Sometimes, going up to the top floor of KLCC and jumping off seems like a good plan to me. Haiz... it was such a pain doing this. I spent many nights sleeping past my normal bed time, thus, getting much less sleep, to do this paper. Had to sacrifice youtubeing, facebooking, and dotaing too especially the last week or two before the due date. However, I think I had myself to blame since I procrastinated doing this paper.

My teacher was not an a comfort for me in doing this paper. Her regular demands to see how far we're done in our paper and her scare tactics only piled more pressure for me. The most scary thing about her is her moods. If she's in a bad mood, prepare for a volcano eruption.

It all ended yesterday! Felt so relieved after handing in the paper. Don't care how many mistakes I made, I only cared that it was over!! Well not really... still need do a presentation about it a few weeks time. Aaarrrrrrrrggggghhhhh!!!!

Anyway thanks to all my friends that helped me out. Really appreciated it.

"It's official... I have phobia of term paper/research paper..." (Paul, 2010, facebook)

ps. I do know that I'm using the wrong format.

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