Monday, September 27, 2010

Accident during a jam

I forgot to write about this. This happened I think on the Wednesday two or three weeks ago.

I was driving back home from college at around 5 something. My mum was beside me while Sher and KY was at the back seat carpooling. It was quite jam since many people were driving back after work.

Anyway, all the cars including mine, were moving quite slow due to the jam. I was using the left most lane but there was an emergency lane (it was just a small lane inside the white line) on my left where some cars were using it. That lane was ending so the cars on the left were trying to cut into my lane.

Suddenly, there was a bang on my car and the whole car shook a bit. Apparently, the car on the left was trying to cut into my lane behind my car, but he somehow cut into the lane too early or something, thus knocking into the left side of my car.

So yeah... I was stunned. We both stop at the side (I think we block the lane a bit) and my mum blasted (not literally) the driver. My car had a little dent and some scratches just in front of the left back tire. Fortunately, the guy (who was a P driver too) was also studying in Help. We took down his details before continuing our journey. At least he was willing to pay for the damages.

Being a P driver isn't easy.

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