Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Semester 2 - and I thought semester 1 was hard

It's week 3 of the second semester now and I'm starting to get used to the subjects. Advance English is well literally advance English. Critical Thinking Skills is a hard subject with all the bombastic words and their definitions. Accounting is also quite hard for me since I never learnt it before. Economics is actually easier and more interesting than Accounting. The questions can be tricky and require a lot of thinking though. Finally, Malaysian Studies... what can I say, it's almost like Sejarah. Hard, boring and hard. And did I mention boring? Haiz. It's assignment is quite tough too. Need to film a video or something like that T.T

So basically, all the subjects are hard. And I thought the subjects that I took in semester 1 (especially Computing Principles) were hard. I miss Maths T.T (mind you, accounting and maths are 2 totally different things).

Time passes. Even when it seems impossible.

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