Friday, May 6, 2011

The unknown song

Seriously, I have no idea what the song is about. I'm not even 100% sure whether it is in Spanish.

All that I know is hearing just 30 seconds part of the song on a random youtube video is enough to get me addicted to it. I find it really touching.

And it somehow inspired me.

Because it kinda explains to me our current relationship. The chapter of you in my story.

To me, this song sounds bittersweet.

Just like how we struggled with our feelings, our confusion, and the different obstacles; yet the moments themselves were so pleasant.

Knowing that I might not succeed even though we both may wish that I would.

This song sounds like it should be played during an ending, when the memories will flash back. The struggles, confusion, obstacles and of course the good moments. Whether or not there will be a new chapter, only time will tell.

And hopefully, it will be a good conclusion to this chapter.

Life is like a book. Everyday has a new page with adventures to tell, things to learn and tales to remember.

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