Monday, August 8, 2011

Wrong and right

Doing the wrong things have never felt so right.

Always listen to your heart, because even though it's on your left side; it's always right!

I hope that the decisions that I made are not wrong for you. I hope they will bring you more good than bad.

I am appreciating every chance that comes my way now. No more holding back.

Stop swallowing your words, stop caring what others think. Stop waiting for the weekend, live now. Take risks.

It was my decision again. I really wanted to help you and I really hoped that I managed to help you.

The things that you face are also my things. I'm not letting you go through them alone.

Maybe that's why I was so motivated. Because I really wanted the best for you.

After all, you are my motivation.

Yes, I guess it was just like two people working hard for a single goal.

I cherish every little moment I spent with you. Cos I love every second of it.

One of the greatest gifts you can give someone is your time.

Being with you is never a waste of time ♥

You are more beautiful than you know, more talented than you think, & more loved than you can imagine.

If you need me, I will try my best to be there and try my best to help you.

I'll be there for you, during your happy days, and through your darkest ones. I won't leave you.

I wish you'd know how much I care about you, and how much I miss you. But most of all, I just want you to know how much I love you.

I guess that's how much I care for you ♥

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